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    Biometric authentication for critical infrastructure access control

    14.11.18 | 11:15 – 12:00 Uhr

    Art der Veranstaltung
    Track Corporate-Security

    senior researcher, competence center “Smart Living & Biometric Technologies”, Fraunhofer IGD
    Herr Dr. Naser Damer


    Biometric technologies have significantly advanced over the past years. This has paved the way for a wider spread deployment by governments, commercial entities, and individuals on daily used devices. Applying biometrics for the security of critical infrastructure is commonly performed as a second authentication factor, alongside token-based authentication. The performance of such solutions depend largely on the individual underlying systems, such as the biometric system, robustness to vulnerabilities such as direct (spoofing) or indirect attacks, and the strength of privacy preservation techniques. The recently published CEN/TS 17261:2018 is concerned with the performance-based testing of biometric authentication for automated access control systems, in particular for physical access control to controlled areas of critical infrastructure. This talk will discuss the general use of biometrics authentication in critical infrastructure, with a focus on recent advances and performance testing standards.

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